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We are a team of revolutionary innovators, we pioneer end-to-end platforms that connect Telcos to businesses. Creators of new trends, our creative team combines professionalism with innovation in ways to exceed our customers’ needs, improving our offerings to insure our customers’ success. We get ahead with upcoming technological trends and smart designs to integrate them in our products and services.

We pioneer in

Over the past 10 years, and with a team's thirst for knowledge, we attempted expanding our capabilities and building our expertise to progress on different levels, satisfying mobile operators needs.

  • End to End Mobile Solutions Structure Design
  • SS7 – SIGTRAN Development
  • OTT Product Integration
  • Mobile Development
  • Monetizing Products
  • User Experience

Our Services

We take pride in the quality of our work, advanced technologies we use, mobility solutions we provide and the high recognitions we earn.

Mobile Community

Mobile community services and applications offer an interactive communication experience to mobile users

Mobile Applications

One of the channels of our solutions is the mobile app. Supporting all mobile platforms (Blackberry OS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, JAVA)

GSM Core Network Security

Equipment identity register, SMS filtering, Call Assist, for mobile operators network security insurance

Mobile Enterprise

Customized and dedicated mobile solutions for private sectors

Advanced Network Services

Innovative solutions that uses the mobile operators network to function and increase the services value

SMS, Voice and USSD

Different GSM channels are used in our solutions to insure the compatibility and target the entire mobile subscribers market

Our Clients

We serve and partner mainly with telecom operators across the globe. With an impressive product portfolio, we have catered clients needs and established a strong customer relationship .


Interesting Facts

  • 123 Projects Completed
  • 16 Countries Reached
  • 88 satisfied clients
  • 87 employees

You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.

- Zig Ziglar -

Our Portfolio


USSD-SMS Service


Network Services


Network Services


Network Services


Network Services


Network Services

Ring Back Tone

Network Services

Credit Loan

Core Network Security

Dynamic SIM Toolkit



USSD-SMS Service

Voice SMS

Mobile VAS

Text Back Tone

Network Services

Phone Backup

Mobile Applications

Song Dedications

Mobile VAS

Background Add-Effect

Mobile VAS

Battery Drained Out

Mobile Applications

Magic Voice

Mobile VAS

Mobile Advertising Platform

Mobile Advertising / Network Services

Color SMS

Mobile VAS

Call Assist

Corporate/Pospaid Service

mega promo

Mobile VAS

USSD Menu Browsing

Mobile VAS

Enterprise Messenger

Mobile Applications / Mobile Community

Chatting Solutions

Mobile VAS


Digital Publishing

Store & Share

Mobile Applications

Equipment identity register

Core Network Security

spell & call

Corporate/Pospaid Service

messaging platform

Mobile Applications


Mobile VAS


USSD-SMS Service
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